General registration will open on 4/1/20 at 6am PST.  We will accept entries until we reach our limit of 275 qualified runners, at which point we will maintain a wait list.  

Qualifications:  All entrants must have run a verifiable 50k or longer trail race no more than 18 months prior to 4/1/2020. 

The registration fee is $185.

In the event that you must withdraw from the race, you may request a refund of $150 before 7/01/20, and $100 before 9/01/20.  Refunds will only be processed through Venmo or Paypal; Ultrasignup does not process refunds, and we will not mail any checks.

There will be no transfers, rollovers, or discounts for next year's race.  There will be no refunds after 9/01/20.

You must register through:

You may add yourself to the wait list by clicking through the registration procedure in ultrasignup.  The link may say that the race is sold out.  Click it anyway.  Your card will not be charged until such time as you are added to the race.  You will be notified of an available position and asked to accept or decline it before your card is charged.

Runners on the wait list can expect to be added to the event as previously registered runners drop, and in the order in which they register.  Historically, there have not been many drops in the first few months. Most drops occur around the times of the refund change and deadline, which are 7/1 and 9/1.  After that, most of our drops will be in the last 2-3 weeks before race day.

Please read our detailed information page.